Giving Valentine Gifts on a Budget

Here it is Valentine’s Day and you would give your sweetie the moon if only you were not a starving artist, or a college student, or recently unemployed. Do not fear, here are five tips for romancing your sweetie even when there is only change jingling in your pocket.

Rent your favorite romantic movie and invite your sweetie over for dessert that you hand feed her.

Fix dinner. It is always cheaper than going out. Now is not the time to be overly ambitious. Fix that one meal that everyone always requests of you and follow it up with a simple dessert. Contact your local supermarket to find out when they mark down meat. You can get a great bargain this way on normally expensive cuts.

If you have already been intimate in your relationship then try this: Stop by the florist and ask for remnant flowers. These are the ones they would normally throw out and they will usually sell at or below cost. In some cases they may just give them to you. Put the rose petals in a candlelit bath. If you have carpet. Be careful of staining. Pour a glass of wine and then allow nature to take its course.

Serenade. This sounds corny and you may even feel ridiculous while you are gathering up the nerve to do it; but do it anyway. Hook up portable speakers to your mp3 player and belt out your love for her. It does not matter if you feel as though you cannot carry a tune. All that matters is that it is heartfelt. Serenade her, and have one perfect rose to present to her after your performance.

Take some of your favorite photos of the two of you together and make a mini photo album. At the beginning of the album include a poem that you wrote, explaining the journey through the album. If you have convinced yourself that writing is not one of your talents, then research some of the classics and include the one best befitting of your relationship. Remember it really is the thought that counts and presentation is everything.